Yeguada los Hoyos

Spanish Horse Breeders

In Salinas place, Málaga, south of Spain, the heart of Andalucia, Los Hoyos stud farm raise their pura spanish race horses and mares.

Our Story


The stud starts the way because of the love for horses af a whole family. The owner decided to buy four mares from Escalera blood for his sons and daughters . This passion for horses became bigger and bigger and so the stud farm did. New animals came to Los Hoyos from Guardiola and Marin Garcia studs.

With Hacendado III as father of colts and fillies, with such a raced mares , strong and wide shapes, Los hoyos have right now one hundred and fifty animals registered at the official ANCCE studbook.

Twelve years after the beginning , Los Hoyos sign with D. Manuel Miraime to manage the farm, selecting, training and improving the stud farm thanks to his knowledge and professionalism. 

Mares are pregnant by Galileo TF, father of Primavera Bat, four times world female champion.  So we have such a full quality colts and fillies, and they will be  Los Hoyos´  future. 

Marin Garcia blood goes ahead with Brunito de Torreluna, Yaco’s de Torreluna Son.

So we hace full raced horses, beautiful , strong and with good movements, so they are able to be riden at dressage  or be shown at morphologic competition. 

The excelence of our genetic selection is the power to get every achievement .  Training time, profesional care and their non doubt quality will set our goals. 

Because  we  do love spanish horses.



The state has 150 acres of encines, so our animals have the best place to grow up, plenty of health. Wide stables, long ways and natural shadow make it possible, as facilities like a walking machine, dressage track and all the needed stuff for training .

Yeguada Los Hoyos

Our breeding lines available. Stallions, Colts, fillies and mares.

Where ?

Where ?

Andalucía, España

Tecnical Director

D. Manuel Miraime


+34 615 12 17 35